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Top Cannabis Wholesale Supplier in Massachusetts

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Hi there. 👋👋👋

We are a team of three friends who, together, have over 30 years experience growing cannabis. At some point, we started to wonder, "What if..." From there, we combined our interests, expertise, blood, sweat, and tears and founded Budhaus.

We share a passion for the plant and for the process that goes into achieving its full potential. Operating a small craft cultivation just behind the shop, our hands are often in the dirt, and our team hand trims and hand packs the
25+ cannabis flower strains we produce in-house.

We're proud of our product and love what we do—and we look forward to doing business with you!

Commitment to Craft

Here are some ways we cultivate our connoisseur flower:

👉 We hand-trim all flower regardless of THCA 

👉 Our flower is never remediated
👉 All pre-rolls are hand-packed

👉 All pre-rolls are hand-packed with 100% flower
👉 Connoisseur flower cultivated in small strain-specific rooms
👉 Flower is cured for two months before packaging

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Commitment to the Planet

We aim to run an environmentally supportive operation at our Massachusetts facility. Part of that goal is accomplished by packaging our product in reclaimed ocean-bound plastic materials, produced right here in the US.

Our partner in this effort is Sana Packaging out of Denver, CO. 

Their mission is to reduce the impact of single-use packaging by leading the cannabis industry toward a sustainable future.

We share their goals of transitioning away from a "take-make-dispose" economic model toward a circular economic model.

Reach out if you're interested in partnering with us.

We look forward to speaking soon!

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